Friday, 28 February 2014

Fun time

I decided it is time I played with some of the older craft items and books I have that are neatly stored in my craft cupboard. 

I hope you like these two cards which are made with the same pattern -I just changed the stitching regime to give them a different effect.

Stitching Pattern 0205-027 from the Creatief Zijn Met Book 4. 
3D Sheet Number 326 by Feao.

Stitching Pattern 0205-027 Creatief Zijn Met Book Number 4. 
3D Sheet Number 8215179 by Le Suh.

The card below was made using scrap pieces of cardboard and the snow flake embossing template.The 3D is from the Hobbydols Poster 76 en 77.

Friday, 7 February 2014

Queree Punch Cards

It is a long time since I played with my Queree Punches so I decided to get them out and have some fun. I hope you like the two cards I made with them.

This one was made with the Butterfly Punch. 
3D Sheet 8215-518 Le Suh.

This one was made with the Hexagon Punch. 
3D from Push Out Sheets PO-1022

Thursday, 6 February 2014

No Message Cards

I made the following two cards for my sister as she likes to have no message cards that she can use for any occasion. I hope you like them.

Stitching Pattern Number 10 by Karen's CardArt. 
3D Push Out Series PO-1026

Stitching Pattern Number 4 Karen's Card Art. 
3D Push Out Series PO -1026

5th Birthday Card for Ann's Paper Art Forum

Ann's Paper Art Forum will be celebrating its 5th birthday early in March and members were asked to make a card to commemorate that fact. This is the card I made and I hope you like it.

I used pattern Stitching Pattern a030 Ann's Paper Art
3D Rosen Series Nr. 9